What is Flygility?

If your dog has alot of energy and thinks tennis balls are the best things in the world - this could be the sport for you! 

It's a relay 'race' in a team of dogs against other teams!  There are different levels, but they all contain agility equipment and a box that the dog hits with his feet to make a ball 'fly' into the air.  The dog has to go through agility equipment to get to the ball and then go back through all the equipment they did to get to the ball!  

The handler (you) just stay at the start/end line and let your dog 'do their stuff' as quick as possible! 

It's about speed, gaining points and having fun!

Flygility in New Zealand

It's not as big as dog agility in New Zealand.  We only have a couple of teams in the south island alone.  We have flygility boxes, flygility jumps (different from dog agility jumps), so we are giving this side of dog sports a boost!


If you want to give it a shot too?  Get in touch!

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